Which Bleach Captain Loves You?

Girls only! The title says it all. I did not put in Captain Commander Yamamoto because that would be weird. I did include Kensei because a visord deserves the same respect as the others. Anyway have fun.

You take the quiz and find out who our captain sweetie is. I had fun making this quiz and hope you have the same amount of fun taking this quiz and I did the first time!

Created by: Fiera s---sumi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your fav colour and y?
  2. Which squad is your fav?
  3. Who is your fav character?
  4. Who do u want it to be?
  5. Fate
  6. 4 more. Lets let Renji ask his one "umm... I didn't know I was gonna talk!" (me: just ask a q!) "fine! Sheesh! Pick a number? I guess!"
  7. Ichigo! Ask them something! "Um? Okay?" (me: *sighs* beginners!) "pass time! Favorite pass time!"
  8. Hair colour
  9. (me: Ukitake! Come here plz!) "yes Ema-San?" (ask a q! Plz!) "ok. Choose one of these!" (that ain't a q!) "sorry!"
  10. (Kyouraku! Come here!) "Yes, Ema-love?" (ask a q for me! Plz!) "okay, Ema-love! Do u have many friends?" (good one!) "thanks!"

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