what do you know about horses?

How much do YOU love horses? A lot? A little? Well, If you took this quiz and got 100% well done genius! If I were you, I would hit those books and add a few more!

"How badly do you want to be a genius? If you don't want to be a horse genius drop the subject. Go towards your goal! If you pick horses good choice!"

Created by: Naomi

  1. How do you know a horses age?
  2. what is the fastest horse breed?
  3. Is there a horse that's easiest to train?
  4. How many times a day do you need to shovel manure to keep the stall clean?
  5. Is a Falabella a horse or a pony?
  6. how much can horses see?
  7. How can you tell when a horse is "laughing"?
  8. If a horse is nerved what do you do to make friends?
  9. What is the best horse for hunting?
  10. What color is a appaloosa?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about horses?