Which Pony Club Secrets Pony/Horse Are You??? Pls don't copy

Which pony club secrets horse/pony are you? Are you Blaze Comet, Mystic, or Destiny? Find out in this quiz, Horsey Horsey, Horsey, Horsey, Horsey, Horsey!!

I want a horse but I can't have a horse but one day I will have a horse because I love horses and horses are the best in the world. I love to ride on my horse, Duncan!

Created by: Omi

  1. Which would describe your personality the best?
  2. If you were a horse, what would you want to be best at?
  3. Your rider yells at you to trot and you trot. He still yells at you and smacks you very hard with a riding crop. What do you do?
  4. Your rider is about to die! Do you:
  5. Your rider calls you stubborn. You:
  6. i ran out of questions
  7. :0
  8. i lazy
  9. renagade
  10. 10

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Quiz topic: Which Pony Club Secrets Pony/Horse am I??? Pls don't copy