Are you a celeb mastermind?

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This is a quiz from Pony Magazine. Bringing Pony to your computer Screen. I am not copying , i am just letting people have a taste of horsey life !

How much do you really know about horsey celebs? Are you a mastermind of knowledge or a whirlpool of forgetfulness? Take out quiz to find out! September 2010 Magazine

Created by: Isabelle
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  1. Who rides Ocalado?
  2. What discipline does Laura Bechtolsheimer compete in?
  3. Ben Maher lives in...
  4. William Funnel won 2010 Bunn Leisure Derby on...
  5. Which top rider has three horses called Zippy, Mickey and Spot?
  6. Who won Badminton Horse Trials in 2010?
  7. Which showhumper used to be Ellen Whitakers boyfriend?
  8. One of the top dressage horses in the world is...
  9. In 2009, both Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials were won by...
  10. One of Mary King's top horses is called...

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Quiz topic: Am I a celeb mastermind?