What Kind of Horse Are You

Horse-majestic wonderful creatures. So which one are you? Are you the fiery lipperzina or the calm little spotted pony. Or maybe you are the fircly loyal welsh mountain?

This test is here to help you find out. With 4 vastly different breeds as standards of the horsey world. Take a few minutes to find out. It's worth it. Honest.

Created by: Jess

  1. If you had to enter etheir a dressage or show jumping course what would it be?
  2. Oh no, you have fallen off your horse! What do you do?
  3. Out of these 3 horsey jobs which one would you do?
  4. Which phrase describes you
  5. Would you enjoy performing to audiences?
  6. Yes or No Galloping over hills far far away is FUN!
  7. Yes or no Learning new tricks is Fun
  8. Oh dear you have come last in a compotition what do you do
  9. What is your idea of fun?
  10. If you had to be an element what would you be?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Horse am I