Are you ready for a horse

This is a quiz that your probably taking because your wondering. Am I ready for a horse. Well I hope this quiz is helpful to you in deciding this. Horses are truly wonderful animals.

Do you want a horse of your own? Not sure if your ready? Well hopefully this quiz will help you decide if a horse is truly for you. Horse are not for everyone. Have fun

Created by: Cheyenne

  1. What will you feed your horse?
  2. You walk into the barn and your horse is sweating, rolling and thrashing, and looking at his abdomen. What do you do?
  3. How much time each day will you spend with your horse each day?
  4. How long have you been riding
  5. When and how often would you groom your horse
  6. Who will be responsible for your horse?
  7. Do you have a way to pay for your horse
  8. Do you have a place for you horse to stay and live
  9. What gaits can you ride in a controlled proper manner
  10. Have you done any no stirrup work
  11. Where will you buy your horse
  12. Your shopping for a horse. Which one do you choose
  13. What disciplines have you rode
  14. What are stable vices

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