Do you really know Horses?

Here you can find out how much you really know about the wonderful animal the horse. If you really know the basics Prove it with this quiz! It is only 12 questions after all!

So are you a horse expert or a want to be rider? Test it out here and see how much you really know about this wonderful creature of the earth. Do you know tail ribbons and tack and buying them too? See right her and you will find out if you really know horses!

Created by: gogogoats

  1. Which one is NOT a tool brought to a horse show with a calm horse.
  2. Which does a farrier do?
  3. Which piece of tack do you NEED to ride at all.
  4. Which is a sign of a western rider
  5. Which is NOT a coat color
  6. Which of these should you do when buying a horse
  7. Which is NOT a grooming tool.
  8. Which of these is NOT a good English posture.
  9. Which is a good deal for a Brand new 5 ***** star trailer
  10. What dose it mean if a horse has a White tail ribbon?
  11. What does a Green tail ribbon mean?
  12. ~FINAL QUESTION~ What does a blue tail ribbon mean

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Horses?