If you where a Horse what breed would you be?

If you where born a horse what breed would you be based on your actsions, most quiz realate you as human but in this quiz you think like a horse all the way through, so if you where a horse what would you do?

Annoyed with other horse quiz not staying on track? here in this quiz you think like a horse you are quized by you acttsoins as a horse so will you do?

Created by: Lisa Adkins
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  1. You Rider whips you for no reason you?
  2. Your owner selling you some people come over to check you out you?
  3. A new horse comes into your Barn all the other horse look on but you?
  4. Your rider has taken you on a trail ride & you throw a shoe but your rider didnt knowtic you?
  5. you full asleep and dream about?
  6. Your sold to a new owner how brought you for his kids who dont know how to act around horses you?
  7. your owner is training you to jump but you are scared to do it you?
  8. your owner over sleeped and forgot to feed you, you?
  9. The barn on Fire and you can find the way out you?
  10. your at one of you lessions and the student child pulls back on the reins to hard you?
  11. Your owner giveing you a bath when soap gets in your eyes you have no idea whats going on so you?

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