which horse breed are you most like?

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What horse or pony breed are you related to??? have you ever wondered well wonder no more! If you take this super fun quiz then you will find out the answer!

Do you love love love horses and ponies???? Have you ever thought to yourself wouldn't it be cool being a horse! but which breed of horse would it be? FIND OUT NOW!

Created by: sb
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  1. If you could keep a horse how high would you want it to be?
  2. You are being offered to teach a riding class for the first time do you think...
  3. You are going to do a high jump on a horse are you...
  4. What's your favorite horse color?
  5. You see someone being bullied do you..
  6. Do you like to have fun?
  7. do you like sports?
  8. on a scale on 1 to ten how much do you like horses!
  9. you bump into your arch enemy do you...
  10. how often to you ride?

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Quiz topic: Which horse breed am I most like?