What's Your Best Horse?

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There are many breeds of horses out there, and they were created for certain reasons. They all have different energy levels, training levels, and different personalities. And, each breed performs differently in each discipline.

Your favorite breed of horse may not suit your needs. Maybe you like the Thoroughbred, but you are better off with an Appaloosa? It all has to do with matching the right personality of each breed to each human. Like let's say you adore the Warmblood, but you want to become a Western Pleasure star. You need to find your right breed! Go ahead and take this test to see what breed fits you best. Good luck!

Created by: Irish_Fiddler14
  1. What is your riding experience?
  2. Are you a perfectionist?
  3. Do you like colorful things?
  4. What is your energy level?
  5. How much of a challenge are you up for?
  6. How big of a horse do you want?
  7. What's your take on Western?
  8. What's your take on English?
  9. How much time are you willing to spend with it? (for training, bonding, ets.)
  10. How much time will you spend competing?

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Quiz topic: What's my Best Horse?