How well do you know horse colors?

Horse colors... a very confusing (and sometimes frustrating) topic. Duns, roans, cream and champagne dilutions, splash, overo, tobiano, sabino... the list never ends!

Do you think you have enough understanding of the world of horse colors to score high? Have you always dreamed of being given the title, "horse color champion"? Of course you have. So go take the quiz- good luck!

Created by: Sasha
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  1. Are there such things as albino horses?
  2. What is a dunalino?
  3. What dilution gene turns a chestnut horse into a palomino?
  4. What color are gray horses born?
  5. What are grullo horses, genetically?
  6. What are paints?
  7. What are birdcatcher spots?
  8. What are the three base horse colors?
  9. What does a single cream gene do when a horse has it?
  10. What base color does a perlino horse have?
  11. What color eyes can horses have?
  12. What do you call a horse that is chestnut with white hairs mixed into its coat?
  13. What do you call a horse who is chestnut with a darker mane, tail, legs, and dorsal stripe?
  14. Are you generally interested in horse colors/horse color genetics?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horse colors?