What magic the gathering color are you?

What magic the gathering colors are you? this quiz is made to custom fit your personality. Each question either adds a lot of points to a color, adds a little to 2 colors, or takes away from 2 colors.

Based on these 12 questions it will tell you what colors fit you the best in order you scored.

Created by: kidlantern
  1. Walking home you see a kid getting robbed. What do you do?
  2. You're going to get your wallet and it's not there. You think?
  3. You're views on family?
  4. To make money I prefer to:
  5. Pick your music!
  6. Your out with friends, then black out. You wake up. Its dark. You have no clue where you are. What do you do?
  7. You're making a large salad and pulling out the knife you cut you're finger. You're next action is:
  8. You forget you have a paper due today for class. You:
  9. The first thing you do when you get on the internet is
  10. When are you awake the most?

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Quiz topic: What magic the gathering color am I?