Paul Teutul Jr Trivia

Welcome to my Paul Teutul Jr trivia quiz. Test your knowledge of the Orange County Choppers heart and soul. See where you rank in Paul Jr fanitisism. Good Luck! And have fun!~

Are you a true Paul Jr fanatic? Take my Paul Jr trivia quiz and find out. Do you know the man as well as you think? Good Luck. Let's find out!~ And come back and play again anytime.

Created by: Tim Teutul of Paul Jr Tribute Page
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  1. What is Paulie's Birthday?
  2. Where does Paulie live?
  3. Who was Paulie's first celebrity crush?
  4. What number did Paulie wear on his High School Football Team?
  5. WHat job at OCC does Paulie have?
  6. yes or no, does Paulie smoke?
  7. Yes or No, does Paulie have any pets?
  8. What brand of shoes/boots does Paulie design and endorse?
  9. What is Paulie's favorite movie?
  10. What is Paulie's favorite band?
  11. What is Paulie's favorite color?
  12. What are Paulie's 2 favorite hobbie's?
  13. What is Paulie's favorite smell?
  14. Which of the following bikes did Paulie NOT help build?
  15. What was the 1st Bike Paulie built for the American Chopper pilot/1st episode?
  16. What bikes does Paulie consider his 3 favorites?
  17. What is Paulie's favorite sports team?
  18. What other OCC merchandise and vehicles has paulie designed & approved?
  19. What bike did Paulie NOT decide to build?
  20. At what age did Paulie check into rehab?
  21. What is Paulie's younger sister's name?
  22. What is Paulie's mother's name?
  23. True or false, Paulie considers himself a hardcore biker?
  24. True or false, Paulie is Paul Sr's oldest son?
  25. where did Paulie draw the 1st OCC logo?
  26. who's the only comic book super hero Paulie has built a bike for?
  27. which of these cars does Paulie own?
  28. During their visit to Nike headquarters, who did Paulie beat in rock climbing?
  29. Which of these bikes did Paulie NOT take for it's test ride's?
  30. what sitcom did Paulie, Sr & Mikey make their debut on in 2008?
  31. When Paulie entered the Black Widow into the Rat's Hole Bike design contest at Daytona Bike Week 2003, what place did it come in?
  32. At the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for OCC's new World HQ, did Paulie speak first out of the Teutuls?
  33. What Giants Legend's jersey did Paulie wear when he took the Giants Bike for it's test ride?
  34. what does Paulie consider his guilty pleasure?
  35. during his 8 wheel adventure into the Wallkill River, which OCC crew members joined him?
  36. What was Paulie's role in the infamous OCC short film, the "Shopshank Redemption"?
  37. What brand of Sunglasses does Paulie wear and endorse for OCC?
  38. At what age did Paulie go to work for Paul Sr in the steel shop?
  39. who does Paulie say is responsible for his and OCC's success?
  40. What scents are in Paulie's OCC Cologne?

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