How Well Do You Know Big Brother (The Show)?

Hi there! Big Brother US is a gameshow in which 20 houseguests compete for 3 months, knocking out a player each week until there is a final two and the winner is decided on finale night.

How weel do you think you know Big Brother? Are you a superfan? Come see how much you truly know about the game, I bet you'll earn quite a high score!

Created by: Likeaboss
  1. Who won season 1 of Big Brother?
  2. Who is Rachel Reilly's husband?
  3. Who is OTEV?
  4. Who hosts Big Brother?
  5. The first female winner of Big Brother won season:
  6. Who won season 15 of Big Brother?
  7. What was the only season to not air in the summertime?
  8. How many jurors were there in seasons 16 and 17?
  9. During the twin twist in season 17, who was the original player that had the twin?
  10. Doctor Will Kirby won season
  11. For seaon 1, who voted in the evictions?
  12. Who, of the following, was not one of the 3 people in "Team America" in season 16?
  13. Where are all competitions held?
  14. In what season did "beast mode cowboy" play?
  15. Mike Malin's nickname on Big Brother was...
  16. Judice was who's alter-ego?
  17. (Easy Question) Complete the phrase: Expect the ________

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Big Brother (The Show)?