Test your Big Brother knowledge

This is a quiz about the Reality Series Big Brother, it has a little bit from All seasons and all fans. How well do you know the show?? Are you a SUPERFAN!!!????

Are you a Superfan of BB?? Have you Seen every Episode?? Do you watch online and dedicate your entire summer glued to the feeds?? Test your knowledge!!! I challenge you!

Created by: Crystal of myspace.com/allstarsbigbrother
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  1. Who was in the final 2 in season 5?
  2. What was the plan called that Nakomis came up with in Season 5 to get rid of Jase?
  3. In what season was the very first Golden Power of Veto introduced?
  4. Who were the joint HOH's in the first HOH comp on Season 7: All Stars?
  5. What was the name of Eric's stuffed animal he had to present to Jessica in Season 8 as an America's Player task?
  6. Who is the only player in BB history to break the "eating while on food restriction aka slop or PB & J" Rule??
  7. Who made it to the final 2 in season 4?
  8. Who won the only Diamond Power of Veto?
  9. Who were the 1st 2 houseguests to have sex in the BB house?
  10. In what Season was Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches replaced with Slop?
  11. Who was voted back into the house in season 3?
  12. Who has been on the block more times in a row than anyone in BB history?
  13. In season 7 who won the luxury comp to go to the set of Two and a half men?
  14. Who was the winner of season 3?
  15. Which season was called the X-Factor?
  16. Which houseguest in Season 4 got to go to the VMA's after winning a luxury comp?
  17. Which Houseguest was picked to appear on Yound and the Restless in Season 5?
  18. Who cleaned the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush in Season 2?
  19. Who was the Houseguest to recieve horrible news in the house about their sister being among the missing in the twin towers?
  20. Who ws Howie's Secret Partner in Season 6?

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