What Everyone Should Know About 'Merica

This is the final test I created to teach my brother about America and American history and government. It's the compilation of selected questions from three previous tests I gave him that were "open book."

The quiz is also open for others to take to step up and learn about America but it is primarily for my brother to test his 'Merica knowledge and get him ready for college.

Created by: Josh Rivers
  1. What year was the Declaration signed?
  2. What are the first ten amendments of the Constitution called?
  3. How many amendments are there to the Constitution?
  4. What branch of the government is POTUS in?
  5. What is a bill?
  6. How many years is a Senator's term?
  7. How many presidents have their been?
  8. How many times has the US formally declared war?
  9. Which of these IS one of the current major political parties?
  10. What does NAFTA stand for?
  11. What is the highest mountain in America?
  12. What was the boundary between the Union and Confederacy called?
  13. How many branches are there in the US Uniformed Services?
  14. What war was Gen. Robert E. Lee in?
  15. What war was George Marshall in?
  16. What war was Benedict Arnold in?
  17. What president authorized the Bosnian War?
  18. What branch of the government can rule that laws are unconstitutional and nullify them?
  19. What group/organization was NATO created to counter-act?
  20. What nation was our primary enemy during the Cold War?
  21. Which side of Berlin did the US control?
  22. What country held American hostages for 444 days from 1979-1981?
  23. What was the purchase that Thomas Jefferson made that doubled the size of the US?
  24. What was the name of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
  25. How often is the census?
  26. Who was the US president in the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  27. What agency is the main intelligence gathering organization?

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