Could you pass for American?

Le quizzical questions about said North American trivia and fact are coming right up, good sir. Would you like a diet soda? Do you want fries with that?

Keep your eyes open. There are trick answers. And don't use a search engine for this! See how much you REALLY know about the current continent of North America.

Created by: Skye

  1. What is the Capitol of the United States?
  2. What was a popular television show that aired on Disney from 2005 until 2011?
  3. "Pound" in the U.S. MOST COMMONLY refers to:
  4. How many Countries in North America (includes islands)?
  5. Is it really cold or really hot in Mexico?
  6. Does Canada have States, Tribes, or Provinces?
  7. How many seasons does Pennsylvania have?
  8. North America is-
  9. New Jersey is-
  10. Does all of America have only rednecks and cowboy accents?
  11. Have you got the time?

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