American Revolution

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The American Revolution plays a large role in what America is today. We have freedom, rights, and so much more we sometimes take for granted. Lets go back and look over what we know of the American Revolution

How are you at being an Investigator? Were you able to understand what the American Revolution was all about. Lets put you to the test, this quiz has a few facts of what you may have uncovered. Good Hunting!

Created by: Leah Reals

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  1. What did Great Britain Create in 1765?
  2. What group organized the Boston Tea Party?
  3. Who wrote Common Sense, the article that pushed people toward wanting independence?
  4. When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
  5. Why did the American Revolution War begin?
  6. When did the American Revolution end?
  7. Did the 13 colonies have their own Government?
  8. Who was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
  9. When were the first shots fired of the American Revolution?
  10. What was declared in the Declaration of Independence?
  11. Did the English Army surrender to George Washington and end the war?
  12. Did you enjoy researching about the American Revolution?

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