How American are you??

There are many americans but only a few true americans. what is an american? an american is someone who goes with the old ways and cant stand the fact of the new america today.

Are you american? do you know who our uncle sam is and dont say "ya he lives right next to me". Are you "Redneck" ? take this quiz and find out just how American you are. take pride in your answer.

Created by: Raven

  1. What do you think of present day America?
  2. what does your yard look like?
  3. What are you favorite representatives
  4. How long has your family been here?
  5. What is the most american thing left to you.
  6. what colors go best together?
  7. when someone works on your house you...
  8. when something needs to be fixed what do you use?
  9. When your kid miss behaves what do you do?
  10. What do you think of this quiz?
  11. what is your favorite saying.
  12. What is your favorite drink?

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Quiz topic: How American am I??