How do you contribute to the decline of American society?

Americans in the future will not enjoy the same priveleges of the Americans of the past. This is in terms of economic strength and personal freedom. Are you the kindof American that can help change things?

Probably not. We cannot really change things as we all seem to be part of the problem. Creating this crappy quiz and not correcting some of the mistakes on it certainly does not help. But maybe you will enjoy the quiz?

Created by: Conrad
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  1. True/ False: One U.S.dollar today will be worth less than that same dollar ten years from now?
  2. When the government (state, local, federal) passes a law, you find questionable, you think:
  3. Every American should be made to attend college to improve our society.
  4. One hundred years ago, Americans were much more _______
  5. Do you believe the 2nd Ammendment to the US Constitution should be rewritten?
  6. Laws against the use of certain words is perfectly acceptable.
  7. True/False: You understand the grammatical error in the last question?
  8. The U.S. Government can create wealth by creating jobs.
  9. Do you feel youre life would be better if you constantly had someone watching you to protect you?
  10. Do you believe your age had any determination in the results of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How do I contribute to the decline of American society?