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This quiz will ask you 12 questions regarding different topics. If you do not know the answer, choose the best option. You may choose " Decline to say" and the question will not be counted towards your score.

These questions were designed for you retrieve facts. One again, try your best in answering the questions. If you are unable to retrieve the information, you may choose " decline to say" as an option.

Created by: Casey
  1. What Famous document begins with " When in the course of human events...."?
  2. What so-called "war" spawned the dueling slogans "Better Dead Than RED" and "Better Red Than Dead" in the 1950's?
  3. What Greek advised: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine by your food"?
  4. What planet is circled by only two moons?
  5. The US declared war on which country after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
  6. In which country was the AIDS virus first recognized?
  7. What is the Aloha State?
  8. What was the first effective antibiotic used in medicine?
  9. What bodily function can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour?
  10. Which bone is the hardest bone in the human body?

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