Social Studies Quiz #1: The Decline Of Greece

The first topic of the 3rd quarter in Social Studies is about the decline of Greece. Study your notes and see if you could answer the Questions. the test will be very easy to you if you studied.

(this test is for the members of 3F batch 2007-2008)But if you wish to take the test, to challenge your memory and know if you are ready for the upcoming quiz, you may take this

Created by: Juan Miguel Ramos
  1. Where was the Athenian Empire built?
  2. Sparta:strong land forces:Athens:____
  3. He is the Athenian statesman who became the leader of the democratic faction of Athenian politics.
  4. The Peloponnesian War was the result of Dorian and Ionian rivalry, how many years did this war last?
  5. The Spartan general responsible for Spartan victory in the Peloponnesian War.
  6. These eastern cities are the famous centers of learning during Alexander's conquest.
  7. What was Alexander's vision
  8. True Or False: When Alexander died he was brought back to Egypt and was buried in a silver coffin.
  9. What is the capital of Phyrgia, the place where Alexander went to untie the famous knot
  10. This is the 300 years that followed the age of Alexander's rule.
  11. TRUE OR FALSE: The common language of the Hellenistic Age was based on Hellenic models, some oriental ideas and custom particularly, literature
  12. How are the three related: Egypt, Western Asia , Northern Egypt
  13. He discovered that the Earth rotated about it's axis and revolved around the sun.
  14. Alexander's father who attacked Greece with his well-trained Macedonian Army.
  15. What was the first accomplishment of Alexander the great as he marched unopposed to Asia Minor?
  16. How old was Alexander when he became king?
  17. destroy Persia:Vision:spread Greek culture:________
  18. During Philip's rule where was the congress that he called up held?
  19. How did Alexander cut the Gordian Knot?
  20. The use of the one-money system was change and transformed to...

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