Social Studies Test

So.... I have a social studies test, and I just wanted to be able to quiz myself. Feel free to take this though, it can help you refresh your memory.

It is about the colonization of GA, and the explorers of America. so... ave fun with the quiz and i hope you do well. Have lots of fuin taking it, and I hope you do well.

Created by: AlANA bANANA!!
  1. Know the main hardship that the first jamestown settlers did not face.
  2. What disease was not brought by the Spanish explorers o the new world?
  3. Choose the best answer. What did the europeans din from theirr settlements in the new world?
  4. How did colonies not help their mother country gain trade.
  5. Why did europen explorers explore the new world? what best answers the question?
  6. What is merchantalism?
  7. How did the defeat of the Spanish Armada NOT help the British empire grow?
  8. Who killed Montezuma?
  9. What animal was not inroduced to the new world by explorers?
  10. What is a middle man?
  11. Where did desoto's me go after he died? which one is not sopposed to be here
  12. What agricultural products were not introduced to england from the new world?
  13. who didnt colonize new world?
  14. know the order desoto visited places
  15. Where was Guale Province?

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