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This is a quiz that can help you in life when you are facing social studies and you are having trouble, trust me, if you know the social studies. you will impress your teacher when you take this quiz.

you can have fun, and some laughs when you are doing this quiz, the more you study the more smarter you can get, and you will realize how smart you are, with you feeling good

Created by: katya
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  1. if you are jewish, what symbol would that represent?
  2. Monotheism means..
  3. when was christianity found?
  4. what was the name of a Judaism's holy book?
  5. how many times should a muslim pray?
  6. The star of david was what symbol for what religion?
  7. what is social studies ment for?
  8. which roman empire converted to christianity?
  9. what is mecca?
  10. what is Karma?
  11. The symbol of christian faith is...

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