Herbal Studies Quiz

How much do you know about Herbalism? This quiz is designed for introductory Herbal students to find out how much they know about the subject, and whether or not they will do well in Herbal Studies.

Are you interested in Herbal Studies? If you think you know a little, find out just how much by taking this quiz! You may be ready to further your education or even start a career!

Created by: Karen
  1. What is the life expectancy for roots?
  2. What is the life expectancy for Tinctures?
  3. What are the measurements for ingredients in a cooling gel?
  4. What is the ratio of infusion to honey to make a syrup?
  5. How long should a cold infused oil sit in the sun?
  6. What action translates to profuse perspiration?
  7. What action translates to induce vomiting?
  8. When is the best time to pick roots?
  9. When is the best time to pick flowers?
  10. When is the best time to pick leaves?
  11. When is the best time to pick seeds?
  12. Name 3 methods of applying herbs?
  13. What is the primary action for skin?
  14. For urinary system, what is the primary tonic herb?
  15. What system of elimination are these actions for? Expectorant or cattarh
  16. What system of elimination are these actions for? Alterative and diapheretic
  17. What are licorice root and coltsfoot examples of?
  18. What are dandelion root and flax examples of?
  19. In what instance/s would you use a syrup instead of a tincture?
  20. A cloth dipped into hot liquid strained from a herb and applied to a sprain or bruise, covered with a dry cloth, removed and repeated 3-5 times for 10-20 mins each is called what?
  21. What is it called when the actual herb is used rather than the liquid portion directly on the affected area, covered with a bandage and left on for hours?
  22. So the difference between compress and poultice is that a compress is left on for minutes and uses the liquid portion, and a poultice is left on for hours and uses the herb portion?
  23. What is the ratio for a cooling gel in aloe vera to alcohol?
  24. Distilled water should only ever be used in product making, as opposed to mineral water.
  25. The cleanest alcohol to use for products?
  26. What is a suitable replacement for alcohol in mixtures?
  27. What is the best infused oil to use in an ointment for a skin condition such as swelling or rash?
  28. Comfrey is not helpful with arthritic joints.
  29. A fine grinder, mucilage plant, dried herb, honey, water and an open oven set to 100 degrees are the basic ingredients to make what?
  30. The following herbs are examples of what herb group? Dandelion, wormwood, gentian, yarrow, motherwort
  31. Fennel, ginger, chamomile, peppermint and anything else aromatic are examples of what herb classification?
  32. The following herbs are helpful for what system? Chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, fennel
  33. Milk thistle is considered...
  34. Milk thistle is considered...
  35. Hepatic means...
  36. Tormentene is an example of what type of herb?
  37. The action required to treat high blood pressure and the best herb example...
  38. Yellow dock and dandelion root are examples of what, aiding what?

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