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Now, this is a tough test. Up for the challenge? I hope so. All questions are various questions and various subjects from languages to geography to medicine to music. Correct answer (only one per question) is worth 3 points each. Wrong answers (three per question) are also worth 3 points. Not trick questions, at least I do not think so! haha

Good luck and thank you for attempting this quiz. There is just over 30 questions and should not take that long. It is very fun and very informative. Please do not cheat and look up the information because that is just not right. Go through it and se your score, then go back and get the correct answers, because you will need yo because you will not score a 100%. Challenge is on! Good luck!!!

Created by: Ahmed
  1. Which lake contains the most fresh water in the world?
  2. Which two musicians were known as the 'toxic twins'?
  3. What is the chance of flipping one coin three times and landing on heads each time?
  4. How often does a 'blue moon' occur?
  5. Which is the worlds largest organism?
  6. Which of the following capitals is NOT mismatched?
  7. Of those 4 cities mentioned (Seattle, Portland, Nashville, and Cleveland) which has both the largest city and metro population of all?
  8. How many feet are in 1 meter?
  9. Acetylsalicylic acid is the chemical name of which of the following common over-the-counter medications?
  10. The boiling point of water occurs at 100 degrees Celsius. How many degrees Fahrenheit is this point?
  11. Who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner"?
  12. Which drink was initially named 'Fruit Smack'?
  13. Going down a half-step on a piano keyboard from E would place you at?
  14. Currently, 2007, which company tops the Fortune 500 list?
  15. Who of the following is the only boxer that he and his father were both Triple Champions? (triple champion is winning titles/belts in at least 3 different weights/divisions)
  16. On a guitar, the notes are first repeated at which fret?
  17. The television show House occurs at which hospital?
  18. Of the following 'Great Lakes', which falls entirely within the USA?
  19. More people have which name?
  20. The 2008 Olympics are told be held were?
  21. More people speak which language?
  22. Which is not true regarding Bourbon?
  23. The lowest point on Earth, still being on dry land, is where?
  24. Of the following, which has the highest Vitamin C?
  25. Grunge music is associated with which of the following cities?
  26. Pearl Harbor occurred in which month?
  27. Which of the following astrological signs is not a Air sign?
  28. The oceans contain about how much salt?
  29. Which book opens with, "Now is the winter of our discontent"?
  30. Buena Sera is Italian for?
  31. Which of the following is the tallest?
  32. In the Marines, which title is given for 4 stars?
  33. A prune is a dried what?

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