Bible Knowledge Survey

There are many people who think that they know the Bible. Some are scolars and some are fooling themselves. Which are you? Take a shot at it and see how well you can do.

Remeber this is supposed to test your knowledge and not your research ability. So resist the urge to open your Bible or search the internet. Seriously try and answer from you knowledge. Good luck.

Created by: Loren of Facebook
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  1. How many books are in the Bible?
  2. How many books in the Old Testament?
  3. How many books in the New Testament?
  4. Who was the Father of the Jews?
  5. How old was the oldest man in the Bible?
  6. What two men never died?
  7. Who was the first king of Israel (Jews)?
  8. How many people entered the Ark?
  9. What sign did God give that He would never destroy the earth by water again?
  10. Why did Job suffer?
  11. How long did the sun stand still, in Joshua?
  12. Joshua drove out all of the people in the promised land, as the Lord commanded.
  13. Who was the mother-in-law of Ruth?
  14. Which prophet called King David's sin out? (with Bathsheba)
  15. How many times did Naaman have to wash in the river before being cleansed from leprosy?
  16. What book in the Bible Never mentions God?
  17. How many Psalms are there?
  18. Which book would you find the chapter about the virtuous woman?
  19. Where was Daniel a prisioner?
  20. How many days was Jonah in the belly of the "Great Fish"?
  21. Which of these is not a book of the Bible?
  22. How many years of silence was there between the Old and New Testaments?
  23. Which books are called the Gospels?
  24. What does "Elio, Elio, Lama, Sabachthani?" mean?
  25. Who made that last statement?
  26. What did the curtin in the temple ripping from top to bottom represent when Jesus Christ died?
  27. Who was the first martyr?
  28. Who was Philemon?
  29. Who wrote the book of Revelation?
  30. Who will rule during the millennium?
  31. What is the next thing to happen on the prophetic calendar?
  32. Which apostle is the only one believed to have died of "natural" (old age) causes?
  33. Jesus said, _____?
  34. Jesus is the Only way to heaven?
  35. What must I do to get to heaven?
  36. What road leads to heaven (slavation)?
  37. Jesus is the Son of God.
  38. You can get to heaven without believing in Jesus.

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