Cartoonnetwork Pop-Up Quiz 2!

Alot of people don't watch American dad that's why some pass and fail these tests. Well if you pass then you really watch Ameriacn Dad, but if you didn't you should try watching it sometime.

Well never give up and keep trying cause you never know this might just come in handing. ( not really like wtf why would this come in handing). Well have a pretty ****** day.

Created by: stunners

  1. What is the name of the show that a Dad works in government CIA?
  2. What does Stan wear on lapel of his business suite.
  3. What is are the thre names of teve's friends.
  4. What is Francine's sister's name?
  5. Why does Hayley and Stan disagree so much?
  6. What is Roger's favorite part of his disguises?
  7. What was Klaus before he was transformed into a goldfish?
  8. How come steve and his three friends are always being recognized as nerds?
  9. What are the occupations of Greg and Terry?
  10. What is the name of the crimefighting team that Steve and Roger made up for themselves?
  11. What was Roger's nickname when he played drums of Steve's garage band?

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