Is the NSA watching you?

At this point we all know the rumors that the government is watching us. Some people are placed on watch-lists, but with so much red tape you may never know for sure if you are on one. This quiz is meant to tell you the probability that you are.

Are you on a watch-list? How closely is the government watching you? Until now you may have never known. But thanks to this quiz you can find out just how intimidating they find you to be.

Created by: Dr.Oldskool
  1. Do you own a valid passport?
  2. Have you ever flown into a different country?
  3. Do you posses firearms?
  4. Have you ever been placed under arrest? If so, were you convicted?
  5. Which of these stores do you shop at the most?
  6. Have you ever purchased firearms, or firearm components, from a website?
  7. If you're on a social network, what do you post pictures of most?
  8. Do your neighbors frequently call the police on you?
  9. If you own firearms, do you also own a valid concealed carry permit?
  10. Have you ever participated in an organized protest and/or rally?
  11. Do you openly express your political beliefs to people other than friends?
  12. Do you own land?
  13. Have you ever used several different SIM cards in one Phone?
  14. Do you currently have several sources of income?
  15. Have you ever looked into, or attempted, joining a militia?
  16. Have you ever withdrawn a large sum from a bank account? ($1000+)
  17. Do you have medical records indicating that you are missing limbs, fingers or toes?
  18. Final question. Do you believe that you are being watched by the US government?

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