How Well Do You Know The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

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How well do you know the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Test your knowledge with this quiz. Warning: If you plan to watch the show but haven't yet, this may have spoilers.

The Amazon series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a current show which is very funny. Go watch it and if you have test your knowledge with this quiz. There are 2 seasons and a third currently being filmed.

Created by: Brooke Wilner

  1. What is the first line in the show?
  2. What holiday is the first episode set around?
  3. Midge has two kids.
  4. What is Midge's son named?
  5. When is the show set?
  6. What event leads Midge to pursue a career in comedy?
  7. What is Midge's manager's name?
  8. Where does Rose go when she feels that no one needs her anymore?
  9. What college does Abe teach at?
  10. Where in New York is it set?
  11. What is Rose's dog's name?
  12. Astrid, Midge's sister-in-law wants what?
  13. Susie's last name is what?
  14. Joel and Midge's friends are who?
  15. Midge meets who in the Catskills?
  16. Where does Abe see Midge's act for the first time?
  17. Moishe's company makes what?
  18. How does Susie get into the Steiner resort?
  19. What does Midge record Susie doing?
  20. What is the last line in the last episode of season 2?

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