How well do you know the show X-men: Evolution?

X-men: Evolution is a show about the X-men as teenagers. It takes place with most of them in High School. This quiz tests your knowledge of the best [In my opinion] X-men show out there!

This quiz tests your knowledge of the show. Try your best. If you score low (Like in the Blob and Toad category) keep trying! If you go to and look up this show you can watch some episodes.

Created by: X-maniac

  1. How many seasons are in the show X-men: Evolution?
  2. How did you find this show? (No correct answer)
  3. In the first episode, which X-man joins the team?
  4. Who joins the team in Episode 2?
  5. Rogue joins the team in Eposide 3, Rogue Recruit.What are her powers? (Bonus for her future powers from season 4, Ascension.)
  6. One of the X-men's biggest enemies joins the team after Ascesion. Who is it?
  7. In Cruise Control, which teammate [who's no longer on the team] comes with the X-men?
  8. I'm going to ask about some villains now. Who is Gambit? What are his [main] powers?
  9. Who is Lance/Avalanche?
  10. Who formed the Bayville Sirens?
  11. This doesn't affect anything, but who's your favorite character?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the show X-men: Evolution?