That '70s Show SUPER QUIZ

There are many people who have seen That '70s Show, but few are truly experts and know lots about the show. Take this quiz to see where you stand on the knowledge of That '70s Show.

Do you consider yourself an expert on That'70s Show? Have you watched many hours of it? Do you think you know all the details?? Well take this quiz and find out where you stand on the knowledge of That '70s Show.

Created by: Lawrence
  1. At which concert did Kelso get Brooke pregnant?
  2. Who was the guy that Jackie went out with to make Hyde jealous at Red's Veteran Day barbeque?
  3. Who are Hyde's biological parents?
  4. What is Donna's favorite pizza topping?
  5. Who did Fez lose his virginity to?
  6. What is the mascot of the gang's high school?
  7. What did Kitty name her goldfish?
  8. Where does Jackie have distant relative from?
  9. Who has not worked in the Foto Hut?
  10. According to Kelso, what was in Eric's vomit when he threw up on Red's shoes?
  11. Who has not dated Fez?
  12. Who has not fallen off the water tower?
  13. What brand of perfume does Donna use?
  14. What kind of pill did Kelso mistake for mints?
  15. What is Kelso allergic to?
  16. Which nickname did Casey Kelso not call Eric?
  17. Why did Kelso dislike his leather jacket?
  18. What is Jackie's middle name?
  19. What is Kitty's maiden name?
  20. Which album contained Donna's naked pictures?
  21. What is the name of Leo's dog?
  22. What mask did Eric wear when he went streaking?
  23. What was the name of the restaurant that the gang dine and dashed at?
  24. Eventually what was tattooed on Eric's butt?
  25. What flavored ice cream was Eric eating when he vandalized the mechanic's shop?
  26. When Kelso and Annette went to the carnival, what stuffed animal did he win her?
  27. Which band t-shirt did Hyde give to Jackie for her birthday?
  28. How did Kelso, Eric, and Donna get the street sign that they gave to Hyde for his birthday?
  29. Who has not dated Kelso?
  30. Whose concert did the gang go to in The Pilot?

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