Are you good at superhistory?

Most of the people claim that they know well all the super heroes, so this is a history like quiz of super heroes around the world. I made this quiz specially to know how many super hero freaks like me are present in this world.

Are you really a super hero freak? Find out.. Because im such a freak that has invented his own super heroes, i have seperate stories for all of them but still not able to meet the super pesonalities like stan lee and the warner bros so im making this quiz to pay a tribute to all those stories that have always been my inspiration.

Created by: Lonewolf
  1. What was the name of green powerpuf girl?
  2. What was name of the blue spd power ranger?
  3. Name of the main lead of huntik. (the young boy)
  4. Who sung "you'll be in my heart" for tarzan?
  5. Home planet of superman.
  6. Who was the one who created justice league?
  7. What was name of cloth that made mr. Incredible's foremost super suit?
  8. The partner of hercules?
  9. Heman said, "by the power of ______ skull"
  10. Who was celebrity superhero?

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Quiz topic: Am I good at superhistory?