What Type of Hero Are You?

There have always been stories about heroes. However, there are many different categories and types of heroes. Which of these categories do you think you would fit into?

The heroes on this quiz include the Willing Hero, Unwilling Hero, Anti-Hero, and more. Take the quiz to find out which one you are most like!

Created by: A Random Hero
  1. Your and your friends are walking through the woods when there is a sound of something crashing through the bushes.
  2. You are hiking in the wilderness and are suddenly charged by a large tiger.
  3. You are in a fantasy world, and a man in a black cloak appears and offers you the secret of unlimited power.
  4. It is a dark and stormy night. You come to the only inn in town, a creepy, run-down place that looks like a place Dracula might like. After the sly-looking innkeeper shows you to your room, you discover a trap door under your bed. It leads to a dark tunnel.
  5. A mysterious sage tells you that you are the Chosen One.
  6. You wish for...
  7. You are walking through a deserted, quiet hall when a sinister villain steps from the shadows.
  8. You have just successfully disarmed your evil opponent and have him at your mercy.
  9. Do you like to wear black?
  10. Favorite of these animals?
  11. You and your friend are trapped in a room, fighting off a crowd of enemies. Suddenly you both see a small opening in the wall. One of you can make it if the other stays and distracts the enemies. Your friend offers to sacrifice themself to let you escape.
  12. How would you attack the evil overlord?
  13. Which of these categories do you fit into the best?
  14. The villain has captured your best friend and offers to make a trade. Which is: You give him the magical artifact he needs to complete his evil plan, and he'll release your friend.
  15. Do you often bicker and fight with the people you love, just to cover up how much you love them?
  16. Which of these is your worst flaw?
  17. Which of these super powers would you want more?

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