What kind of hero are you?

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Everyone is hero and I believe you are too. However, there is different type of hero and this test is helping you to find your own hero style or type.

However, heroes cannot save the world alone, share this quiz to your friends and lets see if you can form a league or group of hero of your own friends.

Created by: Bruno
  1. Would you easily give up on the goal? (Like New Year Goals)
  2. Seeing someone need help, would you go to help?
  3. As above, you find that you can't help, would you frustrate?
  4. Prefer to let things go. Is everything planned?
  5. Would rather to be alone than in the team or crowd
  6. Easy to find the nature of the problem, good at solving problems
  7. Like to get along with people and meet with friends more than being alone
  8. Being curious with Everything
  9. It's easy to feel bored or want to give up your thoughts or work
  10. Act and be faster than others
  11. There is hope for everything, very optimistic, and easy to think about positive things
  12. Good at motivating others
  13. Often become the active one
  14. Fearless, always loves challenging things
  15. Think yourself know a lot and have confidence in yourself
  16. I feel that my ideas and topics are always incompatible with others
  17. Do not like being opposed or questioned
  18. Doing a lot of caring about what you are interested in, but you will be unhappy if you do n’t
  19. Always talk about topics that interest you, don't care about other people's interests
  20. Spends a lot of time on their own interests, even if there is psychological pressure (opposed by others)
  21. Always wanted to help others, thinking that is your life purpose
  22. I like challenges and always want to solve problems and break through myself
  23. Pay more attention to the atmosphere and feeling between the team than the content of the task
  24. Get out of your mind, say what you think and do
  25. Often exercise or like to exercise willpower
  26. Enjoy compliments and applause from others
  27. Would be willing to focus on passion rather than dollar side.

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Quiz topic: What kind of hero am I?