Could you be a hero?

In August, 1957, Mechanix Illustrated published an article called, "Could You Be A Hero?" In the article was a quiz that purported to tell you your "Hero Quotient." The quiz is very much a product of its time, and was slanted toward its obviously male readers. The questions fascinated me, so I re-created the quiz here.

I read the original article at but unfortunately, I can't paste the link in here. If you go to their website and search for the title of the article you can read it-- but don't do that until you've taken the quiz. Heroes don't cheat. Now, go find out if you could be a hero.

Created by: Mary Robinette
  1. Any man should love camping and hunting
  2. Only a sucker goes out of his way to help people
  3. It's more exciting to be a bank clerk than a lumberjack.
  4. Practical jokes are fun.
  5. I would like to be a skillful mountain climber.
  6. I wouldn't like a job with irregular hours.
  7. A man should get tough when people pick on him.
  8. A man who is good at making outdoor fires should be admired.
  9. Bad weather always annoys me.
  10. Most people are essentially selfish.
  11. A man should be loyal to his friends, whether they are right or wrong.
  12. Nobody should work hard if he can get away with it.
  13. A totalitarian system of government is more efficient.
  14. Always follow the rules if you want to get places.
  15. A boy who likes pets grows up to be a better man.
  16. A cowboy movie is more interesting than a good love story.
  17. A man who spends his money too freely is a fool.
  18. A man who seldom boasts should be admired.
  19. I would get enjoyment from any job if I did it well.
  20. Desk work is more for a woman than a man.
  21. I'd rather read a detective story than a humorous story.
  22. A foreigner can't think or act as fast as an American.
  23. After most wars, the U.S. came out the loser in the peace treaties.
  24. A man without close friends would be lonely.

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