Which Super Hero Are YOU??

All of us have an inner super hero, waiting to come out. Each of us wants to nudge ours, because isn't it the worldwide dream to be the good guy and save the day? Well, first, figure out the characteristics of your inner hero. To be a hero, you must know yourself, and in doing so you are saving yourself. You can't save someone else until you have saved you.

Who is your hero? Are you a mysterious Batman-copy? Or maybe a bold reflection of Superman? Take this quiz to find out, then bring your inner hero to LIFE!

Created by: Cassie

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  1. When going to a party you are almost always:
  2. On A Scale Of 1-10 you are a __ when it comes to being popular at your work or job.
  3. Your relationship status is usually...
  4. Your favorite movie/type of movie is:
  5. Your ideal SUPER HERO costume screams:
  6. Your favorite quality is a __quality.
  7. Your animal side kick would have to be a(n):
  8. Your favorite word is:
  9. This quiz was:
  10. Your music is:

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Quiz topic: Which Super Hero am I??