which super hero or super villan are you?

are you spider-man, doing good but has his own problems? the hulk, misunderstood? do you have trustworthy friends like danny phantom? are you a whole new man all of a sudden like venom? find out which super hero or super villan you are now. with great quizzes comes great answers

"with great power comes great responsibility". " im going ghost"! do you sound like this? or do you just scream? find out which super hero does the same thing. are you strong? fast? or just special? well so are super heros. find out which one is like you

Created by: kyle

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how strong are you?
  2. about your cleverness...
  3. if you smoke weed you...
  4. if you could have one super power...
  5. your relationship with your girlfriend is...
  6. intellegence?
  7. working with a team means a lot to me
  8. you are easily angerd
  9. you sometimes turn from nice to evil
  10. you friends are

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Quiz topic: Which super hero or super villan am I?