What Would Your Job be in the Hero Business?

Some people wish to be superheroes. Some others don't. A superhero is a man or woman with extraordinary abilities, such as super sight, super strength, invisibilty, or super speed.

What would YOU be if you were a super hero? Or would you just be a designer of costumes, or do you like tastes of all different categories? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Zharia
  1. You just got your school uniform in the mail, and it's totally drab, so you:
  2. Your cousin asks you to help her with a performance, because she has a starring role. You:
  3. No school for a week! You spend that week by:
  4. One word to describe you is:
  5. Uncle Sam decided to drop in for an unexpected visit. Since he knows you so much, he brings you:
  6. You decide that your rooms in a mess. You need a whole new cardboard bin to store your:
  7. You start screaming in the middle of the night because:
  8. You wish your name was:
  9. Candace LeMont and her posse walks up to you and insults you in front of half the student body. You say:
  10. Binkie Barnes asks you to join drama club as a:

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Quiz topic: What Would my Job be in the Hero Business?