Do you Need [PMS]?

This quiz is for businesses who need to determine if [PMS] can help them. We are a consulting company specializing in marketing, HR and business management.

Please, take this quiz and find out if your business needs [PMS]! Don't be afraid! Most small businesses need help from time to time attaining new customers, and managing the business!

Created by: Leslie Tefteller
  1. Do you spend enough time marketing your business?
  2. Do you need more customers?
  3. Do you get plenty of referral business?
  4. Do you have the policies you need; attendance, dress code, conduct, internet use, corrective action, performance review?
  5. Do you have a solid employment process in place. Ex. Interview, hire, train, performance appraisal, corrective action, termination.
  6. Would you like to have an open house, career fair or other type of event to create awareness and excitement? (We can do this at no charge to you!)
  7. We offer a "living billboard". This means, we wear a shirt with up to 8 businesses listed w/ logo on the back. It says, "Ask me about...." The cost for a month is less than most ads for a day. Are you interested?
  8. We offer a free 1 hour consultation to new clients, would you like to schedule this?
  9. Have you met with a marketing/ business consultant before?
  10. I think that's enough questions, how about you?

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Quiz topic: Do I Need [PMS]?