Engineering management test 2

You can be a "R&D manager", Chief Technology Officer - CTO, or a President of a hi tech company but do you really know how to get cutting edge and disruptive innovations out of your team?

Let's explore your science and technology team management skills by facts, in many dimensions and see how much you score you get in this new quizz, what ever your domain is.

Created by: Arnaud of Startupnature
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  1. 1.When did I (re) explored the resume of my team?
  2. 2.When is the last time I was positively surprised by my team?
  3. 3.Which is the last decision I took that generated the most motivation among them?
  4. 4.When is the last time they were able to shine scientifically to technically?
  5. 5.What is the latest evidence of curiosity they could show?
  6. 6.Is my assessment of their performance is complete and useful?
  7. Is the Equipment they use the one they dream about ?
  8. 8.Do they know their role in the company?
  9. 9.What are their training wish?
  10. 10.When was the last experience that made "‹"‹them laugh ?
  11. Do they make useless experiments?

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