prpject management testing test

An organization has recently started outsourcing work to a low cost, high value engineering center located in a different country. Which of the following should the project manager ensure for the team as a proactive measure?

During execution of a project, an identified risk event occurs that results in additional cost and time? The project had provisions for contingency and management reserves. How should these be accounted for? A. Contingency reserves B. Residual risks C. Management reser

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  1. Which of the following is a tool used to secure expert judgment?
  2. Based on the information provided below, which project would you recommend for being pursued?
  3. What kind of a relationship is implied when completion of a successor is dependent on initiation of its predecessor?
  4. What should a project manager do or follow to ensure clear boundaries for project completion?
  5. An organization is certified to a stringent environmental standard and uses that as the key differentiator with its competitors. Alternative identification during scope planning for a particular project has thrown up an expeditious approach to achieve a project need, but this involves a risk of environmental contamination. The team evaluates that the likelihood of the risk is very low. What should the project team do?
  6. The following three tasks form the entire critical path of the project network. The three estimates of each of these tasks are tabulated below. How long would the project take to complete expressed with an accuracy of one standard deviation?
  7. After a study of the work processes on a project, a quality audit team reports to the project manager that irrelevant quality standards were being used by the project, which might lead to rework. What was the objective of the project manager in initiating this study?
  8. Which of the following provides the foundation for team development?
  9. Which of the following is NOT an input to project plan execution?
  10. A project manager would find team development the most difficult in which form of organization?

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