DE-PBS Key Features

The DE-PBS Project is a collaborative project with the Delaware Department of Education, the University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies, and Delaware Public Schools. This statewide initiative is designed to build the knowledge and skills of Delaware educators in the concepts and practices of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS).

Because the DE-PBS Conference is fast approaching, we want to see how much you already know about the Key Features listed on our website! Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

Created by: Laura Davidson
  1. According to PBS Key Feature #1, what kind of climate promotes not only positive behavior, but also academic, social, and emotional development?
  2. Who benefits from positive behavioral supports?
  3. Key Feature #4 emphasizes the importance of developing self-discipline. What's one way to help students develop self-discipline, according to Key Feature #4?
  4. Which of the following answers is NOT one of the ways that Key Feature #3 says preventing behavior problems is evident in schools?
  5. According to Key Feature #5, how can schools address correcting misbehavior?
  6. According to Key Feature #6, when should comprehensive and intensive evidence-based interventions and supports be provided?
  7. What do Delaware PBS schools adopt for planning, development, and evaluation of evidence-based practices across all three levels of prevention and intervention (primary, secondary, and tertiary)?
  8. According to Key Feature #8, which of these answers is NOT something that schools demonstrate in a shared approach to the dynamic and evolving PBS process?
  9. According to Key Feature #9, what do schools value the importance of, as reflected in the on-going evaluation of program effectiveness and modification of program components, interventions, and supports based on multiple sources of data?
  10. According to Key Feature #10, what do schools provide that corresponds closely with the needs of the schools and individual staff members?

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