How Delawarean are you?

Delaware is variously known as the Small Wonder, the Diamond State, and the Home of Tax Free Shopping. It's frequently overshadowed by its larger neighbors, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. I95, the major highway through the state, will take you through it in maybe fifteen minutes. If you blink, you missed it.

But despite its small size, there's rather a lot to know about Delaware. This quiz will help sort out whether you really know a lot about Delaware, or whether you were one of the millions of people each year who simply pass through on I95.

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Wilmington's minor league baseball team is known as the:
Blue Hens
Blue Rocks
Red Sox
Delaware is known regionally for having no:
Sales tax
Income tax
Property tax
Thumb tacks
The slogan that appears on Delaware's standard-issue license plates says:
The Diamond State
The Home of Tax Free Shopping
Small Wonder
The First State
Where does "Lower Delaware" start?
The Kent/New Castle County line
US 40
Near Dover somewhere
the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
Edgar Allan Poe reputedly stayed at which tavern, and cursed it "forevermore"?
Kelly's Logan House, Wilmington
Buckley's, Centerville
The Deer Park, Newark
Kahunaville, Wilmington
Expresso Tilt! was:
A coffee shop near Trolley Square
A video arcade on Main Street in Newark
A 'zine published by Mike Walsh
The first album by Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers
Which prominent Delaware politician was accused of plagiarizing part of his campaign speech during his 1988 Presidential campaign?
Bill Roth
Joe Biden
Mike Castle
Pete du Pont
The "Bridge to Nowhere" was located in:
New Castle
Speaking of "Lower Delaware," have you ever referred to it as "Slower Delaware"?
No, why would I?
Hey, I'm *from* there.
Ever been to Punkin' Chunkin'?
Ever gotten drunk at St. Anthony's Italian Festival?
Yes, and I went on the upside-down rides afterwards. I don't feel so good....
No, I couldn't find parking anywhere, so I went home.
What's that?
Which famous battle took place in Delaware during the Revolutionary War?
The Battle of the Brandywine
The Battle of New Castle
The Battle of Slaughter Beach
The Battle of Cooch's Bridge
The daily newspaper of Wilmington Delaware is called the:
Morning News
Evening Journal
The News-Journal
The Union-Leader
The Inquirer
The population of Centerville is predominantly lower-middle class.
In which beach resort community would you be most likely to find businesses and homes displaying a rainbow flag?
Rehoboth Beach
Dewey Beach
Bethany Beach
Fenwick Island
Capriotti's is known for:
Ice cream sundaes named for local high schools
Subs, especially turkey subs
According to a popular saying, when this company sneezes, Delaware catches a cold.
MBNA/Bank of America
Wilmington Trust
How many different ways do you know to dodge the toll on I95 at the DE/MD state line?
3 or more
I have gone to Maryland on a Sunday to buy alcoholic beverages.
Are you crazy? Delaware's open on Sundays!
Yup. So glad I don't have to do that any more....
What's a "Metroform"?
A dumb name that DelDOT put on a highway sign
A plastics molding company in Wilmington
A child's toy featuring stick-on vinyl shapes
The betting sheet at Delaware Park

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