Chromebook or iPad?

So you want to purchase a device, or even a set of devices, but you can't decide which is the best one for you: Chromebook or iPad. While both devices offer a wide range of features and benefits, your specific needs may help you to determine which device would be the best fit for you or your students.

So Chromebook or iPad... that is the question. Let's take a look at some of the specs and features that make these devices unique, then use the results to help you decide which one is right for you!

Created by: bpstis
  1. Which statement best describes the importance of weight when choosing a device?
  2. How important is the durability of your device?
  3. How important is battery life?
  4. How important is it that your students have access to a keyboard?
  5. How much does cost affect your decision?
  6. How much does available technical support affect your decision?
  7. Do you need to have access to USB ports on your device?
  8. How important is access to an HDMI port?
  9. How important is having a camera on your device?
  10. How important is the quality of the camera on your device?
  11. How important is it for you to access Flash-based web content?
  12. How important is device management?
  13. How do you feel about managing software updates?
  14. How important is availability of and access to apps?
  15. How important is it that you (or your students) can customize your device(s)?
  16. Which of these is the most important to you in terms of creation and creativity?

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