Will you be the CEO

All those who are working in a company might have once in their career thought these questions like " Can I run this business?" "Will I become CEO ?" " What are my chances to be the CEO?" " Am I suitable / eligible to be CEO?" Well in this quiz you will get to know answers of all such questions

REMEMBER THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS QUIZ The questions asked here are going to test your mindset and how you handle typical business scenarios I hope you will enjoy it and will do your best please don't forget to like , rate and comment please forgive my grammatical mistakes I'm not from English speaking country ALL THE BEST !

Created by: THE BOSS
  1. Do you really want to become CEO?
  2. Why you want to be the CEO ?
  3. Do you think you have what it takes to be the CEO ?
  4. Have you planned your strategy ?
  5. How you are most likely to be CEO
  6. OK now I'm moving to serious questions they are going to affect your score so are you ready ?
  7. You've just taken a new job in an unfamiliar organization and are anxious to make a good impression and rise quickly. The best way to do this is to:
  8. You've come up with a great idea for cutting costs, boosting efficiency, or improving customer satisfaction, but you've described it to your boss, and she just doesn't seem interested in pursuing it.You:
  9. A manager one level above you does you a very big favor -- for example, saves you from a layoff or puts in a good word for you that helps you get your dream job.Your response is to:
  10. In a meeting with several of your peers and a few people more influential than you are, someone makes a pointed remark that might -- or might not -- be construed as a significant criticism of your work. You:
  11. You're a middle manager now, but you hope someday to be CEO. Your natural inclination is to base your decisions on the consensus of the group. In order to prepare yourself to move up, you:

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