The business world is full of risks, whether you're starting your own company or changing to a new career. Studies have shown that those who are willing to take risks are more often successful in their career than those who tend to stay in one place.

Our risk profile will help you determine how much of a risk taker you are in regards to your business opportunities and life. If you want to become successful, you need to take some risks!

Created by: Lisa
  1. I'd rather be master of my own destiny than depend on others.
  2. I would rather stay put than move up in an organization or job.
  3. I am an initiator rather than a follower at work.
  4. I would never quit my job unless I had another one lined up.
  5. I prefer investments with fixed returns over investments with big potential but unknown or unproven returns.
  6. I often take chances on new concepts if they advance my career.
  7. Working on incentives with larger potential is not my style.
  8. I would love to have the opportunity to go white-water rafting.
  9. I'd be reluctant to change jobs now to make big money.
  10. I like to try new restaurants rather than eat at those that I have enjoyed in the past.
  11. I am comfortable with life as it is and don't need new things to excite me.
  12. I would enjoy the chance to take flying or skydiving lessons.
  13. I don't go to casinos to gamble because the odds are against me.
  14. I would like to travel to different parts of the world to see how other people live, even if there's some danger involved.
  15. I never play the "float game" (writing a check for funds you don't have yet in hopes to cover it before it clears the bank).
  16. A less secure career choice with greater long-term opportunity is appealing to me.
  17. I follow the rules, even if they don't seem quite right to me.
  18. I would not enjoy walking through a foreign city without a map.

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