How Well Do You Know Fashion Lingo?

Working in the fashion business is full of different lingo words, just like other jobs, sports, or games. You have to learn the lingo to speak the language of the people!

Try out this quiz to see if you are ready to start a career in the fashion business. Don't be shy, give it a try! Some of the terms may be hard, but please no cheating!

Created by: Mia is LOUD

  1. Define 'fad'.
  2. Define 'fashion'.
  3. What are 'fashion babies'?
  4. What are 'classic' clothes?
  5. Define 'trend'.
  6. What does 'avant-garde' mean?
  7. What does 'retro' mean?
  8. Define the french word 'croquis'.
  9. What is a 'flat sketch'?
  10. What does the french word 'pret-a-porter' mean?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Fashion Lingo?