How Much of a Wisconsinite are You?

You may be from the South, the North, or the West Coast. You could hail from the streets of shining New York City, or a small community in Colorado. You might not even be from the U.S.! However, the question still remains: are you a Wisconsinite on the inside? Do you know the lingo? The trivia? Have the Wisconsin spirit? Take this quiz to find out!

Remember, this is just for fun. I'm not claiming it to be completely accurate or anything! Sorry for any typo! So go on, explore your inner self, and find out: Are you a true Wisconsinite?

Created by: KilljoyRainbow
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First thing's first: do you live in Wisconsin?
  2. Do you measure distance with time?
  3. Select a set of terms that are most acceptable for describing a person from Wisconsin.
  4. Where do you live?
  5. Which of the following best describes the ethnicity of your ancestors?
  6. Does the nearest town have a French or Native American name?
  7. Please select the option which best describes your personality.
  8. How close do you live to the place where the Ed Gein murders took place?
  9. How do you pronounce Milwaukee? (not necessarily the correct way)
  10. Which of these is the name of a place in Wisconsin?

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Quiz topic: How Much of a Wisconsinite am I?