How Wisconsin are you?

Have you ever been to the state of Wisconsin? Do you possibly live there? Well, if you take this quiz you can find out how Wisconsin you are. Are you a true Wisconsinite, or just a wannabe?

Whether you know much about Wisconsin or not, you can find out if you would blend right in or stick out like a rotten brat. Thanks to this quiz, you can find out in a few short minutes.

Created by: Jared
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  1. Do you consume cheese in your diet?
  2. Do you like the smell of yeast?
  3. Do you, or some one you know own a snowmobile?
  4. Do you know what a F.I.B. is? (Be honest.)
  5. What is your favorite sport?
  6. What goes best for you at the end of a hard day's work.
  7. What kind of meat do you usually eat on a bun?
  8. Do you carry an ice-scraper in your car?
  9. Is there a bar within 5 miles from home?
  10. Have you ever seen a cow in person?

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Quiz topic: How Wisconsin am I?